We believe that crickets are the future. They are healthy and delicious. Their production is sustainable and preserves our planet’s natural resources.

We started our activity in 2018 in order to create a progressive and sustainable business in Lithuania. Acheta is a family business. The idea, born unexpectedly, turned into a successful business of two brothers – Donatas and Marius. We take care of the whole process of growing crickets and creating products ourselves, so we pay the greatest attention to every detail. When growing and processing crickets, we use the most advanced technologies, thanks to which the nutrients contained in crickets are preserved to the maximum. Of course, we pay our attention to taste as well! We seek for our products to be diverse – you will find products in our assortment with natural, spicy and even exotic taste.

Our goal is to produce the best possible product on the market. 

Crickets in our farm are fed only with special feed made from organic grain in Finland. We pay special attention to ensure optimal ambient humidity and temperature in the growing premises. Thanks to our great care for even the smallest details, we produce cricket products with up to 65% protein.

JSC Acheta, Company code 305529971
VAT: LTLT100013102511
Jazminų 32/2, Ringaudai,
LT- 53339, Kauno raj.

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