The most frequently asked questions about edible crickets

When edible crickets are mentioned, it is bound that many questions will follow. For some, eating crickets is an incomprehensible idea, for others — a unique sustainable option. We believe that once we answer at least some of these questions, it will become much harder to deny the fact that crickets are, indeed, a great choice.

Yes! Not only crickets are edible, they are great for us, humans. Rich in protein, fibre, vitamins, minerals and fatty acids. Comparing to the production of a standard protein source — meat, the production of crickets is far more sustainable and natural resources are better preserved.

It is a strain of crickets that can be eaten. They are raised in specific conditions and are attentively looked after and processed later.

Crickets reproduce and grow at a fast pace and, of course, they are beneficial for humans, as well as the planet.

Crickets contain a lot of protein, calcium, iron, fibre, fatty acids and vitamin B12, the quantity of carbohydrates and fats is low. They truly are a great option for those seeking a nutritious diet.

Cricket powder is made by milling dried crickets, hence the nutrition is preserved just as well as in whole crickets.