Many people already know that protein is essential to our diet. Store shelves flash from a wide variety of products marked with a protein source label. It is very important to understand that different sources of protein bring different benefits to our body. So what is a good source of protein? The quality of the protein depends on:

  • Protein content (measured in grams or as a percentage of 100 grams of product)
  • Protein quality (the amount ant type of essential amino acids in grams)
  • Protein digestibility (the amount of protein human body can digest)

geras baltymų šaltinis

In many products, the protein content is increased by supplementing the product with protein derived from legumes, although it would be more beneficial to supplement the products with protein derived from crickets. Crickets have more protein than beans, lentils or even soybeans. In terms of protein content, they also outperform chicken, eggs and beef. Dried crickets contain up to 65% of protein. Proteins are made up of 20 essential and non-essential amino acids. 8 Essential amino acids are not synthesized in the human body and must be derived from the food. Dried crickets contain all the essential amino acids so necessary for protein synthesis. The digestibility of edible insect proteins ranges from 54 to 98%. So they are digested as well as egg or beef protein and much better than many vegetable proteins. By including dried cricket flour in your diet and thus increasing your intake of protein, you can help yourself lose weight, build muscle and increase strength. Thanks to the large amount of micro and macro elements in crickets, the flour will also contribute to the smooth functioning of the gut, help with mental work and act anti-inflammatory.