Endless tiredness, drowsiness, bad mood, pale skin? It’s time to worry, your body may be short of iron! Sufficient amount of iron is essential for your immune system to remain strong.

It is not necessary to buy food supplements, eat huge beef steaks or cover your kitchen with mountains of spinach, when facing an iron deficiency. According to research, it is the best for human body to absorbs iron from animal origin products. But what if you don’t eat meat? Or you just don’t want to radically change your diet, but you must increase amount of iron in your diet?

100 grams of dried cricket flour contains 3 mg of iron. It’s more than beef, chicken, eggs and even broccoli with spinach contain!

The best part is that by including cricket flour in your diet, you don’t have to radically change your eating habits! Using dried cricket flour, you can easily enrich your usual smoothies, bake pies, cookies, bread, crackers or any other favorite dishes. For snacks, instead of potato chips, choose dried crickets covered with spices and easily provide yourself with enough iron!

Iron deficiency is often problem for children. Our little ones like to give up red meat, legumes and other raw vegetables, so the diet begins to be dominated by various snacks or products of poor nutritional value. Iron levels in the blood drop and doctors prescribe food supplements to restore its levels. We may even face challenges to persuade toddlers to drink those supplements. It is very important that children’s diet is as diverse as possible.

Even if a particular food is abandoned, its place must be filled with a nutritious and tasty alternative.

Crispbread with cricket flour is ideal for this. Kids especially like to snack on crispy biscuits, crisps or chips, so why not offer them a healthy alternative? 25% protein, no gluten, high in fiber and most importantly – iron.

If your body is deficient in iron, it is extremely important that the body absorbs iron-containing products properly.

  1. Foods high in vitamin C help absorb iron. Try to eat enough oranges, tomatoes, berries, kiwis.
  2. Iron of animal origin helps to absorb iron of plant origin. When making a smoothie, add not only cricket flour, but also a few handfuls of spinach – it will be a real iron bomb!
  3. Tea, coffee and calcium-rich products interfere with the absorption of iron. Avoid various dairy products when trying to restore iron stores in your body.