For many, the thought of eating insects is still a bit strange, but the number of people who enjoy and appreciate them is growing. Today, we are increasingly turning to sustainability and looking for a variety of ways to contribute to it. What we eat is incredibly important. We look for healthy, nutritious products, supplement our diet with protein. It is also necessary to think about where our food comes from and to choose the most sustainable food source possible.

Dried crickets and their flour are especially nutritious. One of their most valued nutritional properties is protein. Protein is an essential nutrient for building and maintaining muscle mass, which is important for anyone looking to stay healthy and strong. 100 grams of crickets has twice as much protein as beef, 4 times more iron than spinach, 10 times more vitamin B12 than salmon, and more calcium than milk. Do we need to add anything else? Enriching your diet has never been easier.

The use of crickets for food is not only good for human health, but also not harmful to nature. Growing crickets does not require a large amount of water, a very small area is sufficient, and no waste remains after consumption. Meanwhile, cattle breeding requires high water consumption, a large area of ​​land and up to about 40% of cattle weight is unfit for consumption and ends up in waste. These are particularly significant differences in the use of natural resources.

Dried crickets and dried cricket flour are a sustainable source of incredibly important nutrients! And they are already made accessible by Acheta! Try dried crickets of different flavours as a healthy and delicious snack, and enrich the food you already love by adding cricket flour for extra nutrition. We will make sure that you do not run out of ideas on how to adapt our products to your daily life in order to enjoy a healthier lifestyle.